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Orlando 2020 Hamcation
Posted on January 23, 2020


HamCation 2020

Central Florida Fairgrounds and Expo Park

February 7th - 9th, 2020


The East Coast Reflector will again this year host a Meet-and Greet Hospitality Room at the 2020 Hamcation on Saturday February 8Th from 2:00 to 3:00 PM in the "Block Room"

Please check the Hamcation program for more details.


Current Node Information and System Updates.
Posted on January 21, 2020


The Plattsburgh, New York 147.150 PL 123.0 repeater has been replaced and back-up on line. Thanks to WA2LRE and KD2KWS.


DMR Brandmeister users! You can now access the East Coast Reflector on our DMR Talk Group 3129973. 


WA2UPK repeater 442.600 PL 103.5 IRLP node 8911 in Clermont, Florida is off the system for repairs and should return in January. 


WB2WJF simplex IRLP node 4103 on Hypoluxo Island near Lantana, Florida 146.505 PL 88.5 is temporarily off line as of 01.15.20


WA2UPK simplex node 146.490 PL 103.5 Allstar node 43206 in Englewood, Florida has good coverage in the area.


W2KJV simplex node 147.420 PL 67.0 Allstar node 46414 in Sugarmill Woods, Florida is on the system full-time.


WR2UHF repeater 444.700 in Farmingville, Long Island is back on the system with full power and coverage.


KK4HAX repeater on 444.650 Allstar node 41245 in Pine Island, Florida is now on the system as of 05.05.19


WF2C repeater on 444.150 PL 88.5 at Memorial Hospital in Hollywood, Florida Allstar node 4005 is off line as of 01.15.20


KB2FAF repeater 147.030 in Solon-Cortland. New York Allstar node 28320 in in the system full time.


K2MST repeater 443.150 in Armory Square Syracuse, NY Allstar node 28458 is on the system except for local events.


NW4GT simplex 147.555 PL 127.3 Allstar node 48081 in Davenport, Florida is on the system full-time.


K2CC repeater 146.895 PL 151.4 IRLP node 4747 at Clarkston University in Potsdam, NY is on the system.


WA5HC simplex node 146.440 PL 100.0 in Milton, Florida is in the system with 25 mile coverage of Milton.


W4DG simplex 146.535 PL 146.2 IRLP node 4464 in Hudson, Florida is off the system for unknown reasons as of 09.05.19.

Orlando, Florida repeaters are 444.800 (I-4 & 408) 443.650 at Universal Studios PL 103.5 are full-time in the system.


If your node has been blocked and you have corrected the problem, please contact one of our control operators.


System Control Operators; WB2JPQ, KN2R, WA2UPK, WB4IVB, KB3SNM, KE6ABJ, W2KJV.


East Coast Reflector Tech & Swap-Shop Net....
Posted on April 10, 2019


The East Coast Reflector Tech - Swap Net meets every Tuesday evening on the 9050 reflector at 8:00 EST and runs until approximately 10:00 PM. The net is a team effort, we encourage everyone to get involved with or without a question. You may not have a question but very well might have the answer to someone else’s question. 


If anyone is working on an amateur radio related project and would like to share it with the net, please let us know and we will set time aside time for your presentation.


Swap-Shop Guidelines by Henry, WB4IVB


The purpose of the "Swap-Shop Portion" of the ECR Tech Net
is to list Amateur Radio Related Items, For Sale-Trade-Want.

The ECR assumes no responsibility or liability for any transactions,
items sold or purchased. 

Sellers are expected to give a fair and honest description of 
any item or items. Examples: From a Smoking or Non-Smoking
Environment. Are Keypads Worn. Mic Cables Frayed. Like New
In The Original Box. Has Or Does Not Have Mounting Or Necessary
Hardware. Display Has Segments Out. I Can't Find The Manual.

Sellers are encouraged to take a Photo of the Item/Items that
could be e-mailed to potential Buyers upon "their request". Do
Not e-mail photos to me or the ECR.

Buyers are expected to get in direct contact with the Seller PRIOR
TO PURCHASING the item/items. Do Not Assume Anything. Ask 
questions and discuss any concerns regarding the purchase. There 
may be Model Specific Information that would need to be discussed 
that a short description would not include. Shipping Cost/Information 
should be discussed at this time. 

Everyone is welcome to e-mail to me items that they wish to
SELL-TRADE or Items WANTED. My e-mail is:

Each Tuesday Evening (8pm EST) during the ECR IRLP-AllStar Net I
will read a list of the Sell-Trade-Wanted items that have been submitted
via e-mail.

Please give your Name and Call Sign and E-mail address. A telephone
number is optional: "Only if you wish it to be made available".

Please be specific with Manufacturer, Model Numbers of each  
item. What Accessories Are Included: Microphone, Power Cable, 
Mounting Bracket/Hardware.  Include the Price Per Item and any 
Shipping Cost Info you can provide. Please advise if a photo is available 
upon request. Please Proof Read Your Entire Listing Before E-mailing.

Example: Yaesu Mobile  Model xyz, Good Working Condition, Non-Smoker,
Includes Mounting Bracket, Optional DTMF Mic, Power Cable, Manual. 
Price $100. Free US Lower 48 shipping. Photo Available. Joe Amateur, Call Sign, Phone Number.

Example: Yaesu Model HT123, Handie-Talkie With Charger. Works fine but 
battery will need to be replaced. Keypad has worn lettering. Price $50. Buyer 
Pays USPS Shipping, to be determined by location. Photo Available. Jerry 
Hitech, Call Sign, E-mail Address, No Phone Number.

Example:Wanted: Kenwood Model X-1234, Dual Band Transceiver. E-mail 
Condition and Price/Shipping to George Radio, Call Sign, George@...

Example: Kenwood External Speakers. Model KSA-10, 8 Ohm, 12 Watt. Used,
Normal Wear, Tested Okay. Cable is 38" long With 1/8" Phone Plug. Have Several Available. $20 Each Free USPS Lower 48 Shipping.  Tom Radiooper, Call Sign, E-mail spksales@...

Example: Kenwood TS-XXX Radio. Non-Working, Sold As Is, For Parts
or Repair. $Make Offer Including Shipping. Photos Inside and Outside Available On Request. John Doeham, Call Sign, E-mail Address, Telephone Number Optional. 

Example: Raspberry Pi3, New In The Box. Never Used. Wife Bought It For
My Birthday, Not Knowing that I had Picked Up Several At Dayton Hamvention. 
$35 Shipped. Robert Hamop, Call Sign, E-mail: wifewontknow@...

Sale/Trade/Want Items will be listed for 3 Weeks. If you are successful, please
e-mail wb4ivb@... as soon as possible. If you have multiple items,
be specific on what sold. If your Sale/Trade/Want is not successful, you may 
re-list an item or items after a 60 Day waiting period.

It is our sincere hope that all individuals that are Selling/Buying/Trading
something are satisfied with their experience.  However, any and all negativity, differences, complaints should not be discussed on the ECR System. The Buyer 
and Seller are responsible for resolving out any disagreements via e-mail or telephone. 

As always, your suggestions and feedback are welcome.



WB4IVB - Arcom 210 Repeater Controller with the Yaesu Fusion DR-1X Repeater
Posted on October 11, 2014

I recently installed an Arcom 210 Repeater Controller with the Yaesu Fusion DR-1X Repeater. Adding an external controller to the DR-1X offers capabilities that the stock internal controller does not support.
Discriminator Audio from the DB15 connector on the DR-1X is un-filtered. This audio is ideal for feeding to a controller receiver audio input but some filtering of low frequency audio is necessary. I used the Arcom ADR interface which employs a Communications Specialist TS-64-DS Encoder/Decoder, but I was disappointed in the decoder portion of the TS-64-DS to provide adequate filtering of the received CTCSS from a repeater users radio. The presence of a CTCSS signal beyond the decoder circuit of a receiver is just an annoyance and can distort voice audio. 

Dick, WB2JPQ, has used CTCSS Filters for many years on his equipment with good success, so I decided to install one inside the Arcom.
I chose to use a General Electric Channel Guard Filter Board which was used in GE Mastr II stations.  The GE Part Number is 19C3206271. By the way Channel Guard is just a trademark name of GE for CTCSS. Motorola Micor filtering is done within the CTCSS Decoder that plugs into the Audio/Squelch Board.  The Micor Mobile and Station used the board. The Motorola trademark name being Private Line (PL).  Or, if you prefer to dig really deep in an old commercial two-way junk box you may use an RCA CTCSS Filter.   The RCA trademark name being "Quiet Channel".  All boards are High Pass Filters designed to attenuate low frequency audio in the CTCSS frequency range (67-250 Hz).
The GE Filter Board has two Molex connectors which were designed to plug-in to the station Audio Board.  These Filter Boards were also using in GE Auxiliary Receivers. Same GE part number as the station.  I removed the two Molex connectors and soldered wires directly to the board. The idea is to install the filter board in the audio path between the receiver audio and the controller receiver audio input.
Many repeater controllers including the RC210 have an Audio Delay Board connection header. This is an excellent place to connect the Filter Board. If you are not using an Audio Delay Board with your controller, simply connect the Filter Board Input to Discriminator Audio, Filter Board Output to Repeat Audio, and +12 Volts and Ground. Of course if there is no Delay Board

installed on the controller there will be a Jumper in place to connect Disc Audio to Repeat Audio.  This Jumper is removed, and the Filter Board is connected.  Although there are no adjustments on the filter board, I recommend that you do check the levels before and after installing the board and adjust if necessary.
If you are using an Audio Delay Board you want to connect the Filter Board Input to Receiver Discriminator Audio and the Filter Board Output to "Audio Input" of the Delay Board. Then make the necessary connections for +12 volts and ground. This ensures that the CTCSS is filtered before entering the audio delay circuitry.
On the Arcom RC210 Controller, the Port One Audio Delay Header is JP10.  Pin1 +12volts, Pin2 Discriminator Audio,  Pin3 Repeat Audio, Pin4 Ground. COS remains on Pin5.  Again, if you do not have an Audio Board installed you will find a Jumper from Pin2 to Pin3 which completes the audio path in the absence of an Audio Delay Board.
I used a piece of 1/16" Plexaglass to mount the GE Board.  I drilled four holes to match the existing mounts for an optional AutoPatch Board in the RC210 enclosure.  There are two three pin Molex plugs on the GE board that I removed.   One side, marked J1 Pin 1 is the Audio Input. There are two other solder pads at J1, but there are no circuit board traces connected.

The three pin Molex at J1 was used for mechanical support.   The opposite side is J2.  J2-1 is +10VDC (12 VDC is okay to use) J2-2 is Ground,and J2-3 is Audio Output. 
I made a wiring harness and incorporated it with the Audio Delay Board so there was no direct soldering to the Controller Delay    Board or the Controller Header pins. Direct soldering to the GE Filter Board is fine, but do not solder to the controller or audio delay board pins.

Molex Connectors and Pins are available from Mouser,  Digi-Key, or your favorite supplier, and makes a neat appearance. If you need part numbers feel free to contact me. 

The GE board, or others I mentioned, can be used with any repeater controller or any audio path where low frequency attenuation is desirable.  The filter boards are relativity small and could be mounted within an IRLP computer or fit nicely in small enclosures.

PL Filter PL Filter

Henry Hamblin

AE7I - IRLP 9050 Reflector Repeater
Posted on August 5, 2014

Thanks AE7I for this video of one of your repeater sites on the IRLP 9050 Reflector.